Maîtresse Saylie

The Dom’innate series – a broad synopsis

Mistress Saylie’s talents, creativity and authoritarian eroticism have allowed her to become known and recognized in the Parisian BDSM scene. Today, selectively but passionately, she invites her subs to taste the most diverse cerebral delights. Always choosing the subtle and inspired word over vulgarity, preferring the delicate game to the urgent contact, this dominatrix’s authority endures without ever giving way to banality.
This being said, it is not enough to put on boots and stilettos, to be dressed in flamboyant leather outfits and to give a few quick whiplashes to dominate the males. This art is one you learn and practice, through experiences, doubts and meetings.
Daughter, mother, wife for a few years, but woman before everything else, Hélène Moreau tells us in Dom’Innate the story of the birth, construction and consecration of her double – simultaneously one and the other, singular and plural.
The readers are invited to go through thirty years of a hectic mosaic. From warehouses in New York to chic Parisian evenings, by candlelight or under the neon of a hospital room, an extraordinary destiny awaits, one that will move and excite you, make you think and travel, page after page.
Dominatrix in the eyes of some, family law attorney in the eyes of others, this woman is as uncompromising as she is kind, and she journals her life without losing an ounce of sincerity.
Whether you’re passionate about sadomasochism, or simply eager to discover its nuances and decipher its delights, this saga gives to these codified practices (flagellation, stamping, pegging, dog training …) a new twist. Because Mistress Saylie has her own style. She charms with her captivating and demanding persona, which she moulded as she went.
You can feel it at every turn of phrase, without always realizing the twists that await, because this journey is like no other. It is that of Hélène Moreau and her alter ego. A fascinating duet, in a multi-faceted novel – just like her. Just as she is.

Volume 1 – Dom’Innate – The birth of a dominatrix

Hélène Moreau studies economy in New York. She wanted this scholarship, and she got it, so she very well counts on getting that precious degree.
However, her American getaway takes an unexpected turn. Unexpected though obvious: secretly, unconsciously, Hélène Moreau has always felt this power within. Through a fortunate chain of circumstances (some would call it providence) she discovers the BDSM night life in warehouses, and she gets introduced to this strict art and scandalous discipline that is domination.
Twists and turns follow one another. Several tragedies punctuate her New-York episode. Mistress Saylie does not yet exist, but the reader witnesses her genesis, her prologue – a first impression that will remain etched in their memory.

Volume 2 – Dom’Innate – Helene’s double life

The return to Paris is synonymous with great changes for Helene. As she nears her 30th birthday, she goes through a multitude of storms. Love, death and disease put her soul, nerves and body – her life –, through the mill.
Mother by nature, wife by default, she progressively extracts herself from patriarchal patterns. Her career change shows her true humanity: the young woman reinvents her academic curriculum and reaches its conclusion with pugnacity as she goes through countless thankless jobs. Finally, she becomes an attorney, specialized in family law.
This job she does passionately and rigorously. It is a career that allows her to meet her needs and that of her two children. Her reputation grows – all of Paris recommends the just and honest lawyer.
Hélène Moreau makes a name for herself and enjoys a good financial situation. She’s in her forties now, and she realises a long-time dream: adopting a child. At the same time, she has to finance her daughter’s great academic ambitions and the international pipe dreams of her son, an artist at heart.

She will never stop them in their tracks. However, her capital dwindles. A tumour has kept her away from her job. She remains respected, but due to the circumstances and this insidious illness, she can no longer handle as many cases as before.
She needs to find a solution. Quickly. Concretely. It is in these circumstances that that reunion occurs, that improbable yet timely reunion. Against all odds, Hélène Moreau will fully embrace again the erotic and authoritarian cosmos that she had given up on across the pond.
Just as a superhero looks for her touch and style, Hélène shapes Saylie. This second volume is the breath of fresh air following breathlessness. The rebirth of the dominatrix stirs up a buried enthusiasm. BDSM becomes her other job, her subs’ offerings get her out of her financial slump.
Let’s make it clear: moneys is not an end in itself. To talk trivially, Saylie does not open up her dungeon “for money”. It is one of the reasons, yes. But there are so many others: as she reaches 50, Madame Moreau is fulfilled. She makes men moan, come, dream, fantasise – and she, too, takes pleasure in it.

Volume 3 – Dom’Innate – The Male-Treateds

The first two volumes follow Saylie’s construction. The third one focuses on the toys. Her toys. Her “male-treated”, as she likes to call them.
Her dungeon, her St Andrew’s cross, her fuck machine, her whips … everything belongs to the adult playground. However, focusing on this functional dimension only would be reductive and incomplete. The last pages of the volume are anthological. The destinies of celebrities, high-profile businessmen and women cohabit and collide into one another.

It is never about revealing a name or betraying an identity – the reader looking for tabloid gossip will be disappointed. That is because Mistress Saylie does not envision BDSM rendezvous without consent, or last but not least, trust.
Saylie concludes her triptych with an ode to diversity, fantasies, dreams and letting go in the most erotic and transgressive ways, all while anonymising and respecting people’s integrity and reluctance. Each person who sets foot in her dungeon has their own story, fears and hopes. Physical games, feminization, golden showers aren’t just about sex – it is the whole psyche that expresses and frees itself.
Joys, tears, orgasms and ambitious scenarios conclude this novel’s eventful waltz. However, Mistress Saylie has neither written nor said her last words. The game keeps on going, again and again.